Number plate information

Number Plate delivery service


Price per number plate:

  • Afl. 10,00
  • Afl. 7,50 (E-Post members)


To apply for this service, please bring the following documents to our Post Aruba office in Oranjestad:

  • Copy of your valid ID.
  • Valid car insurance copy.
  • Original proof of payment from DIMP if you paid at the counter. If you paid online you can bring a copy.
  • Filled and signed authorization letter from DIMP (attached).

Download authorization letter


Payment methods:

Online (bank transfer), Swipe on delivery, at Post Aruba Oranjestad (counter 1).

DIMP will grant us 50 number plates per day. These will be distributed according to the sequence in which the request entered.

Bank Transfer details:

Aruba Bank: 4005332 / RBC Bank: 30.57.550

When making a transfer, please mention your number plate as a reference.

Please bring a copy of your payment to our office.

For more information please call 528-7678 or send an email to