APG service

Once you become a member, E-Post will assign you an account number and a unique username and password to access your account online.

By logging in to the system you will be able to view, manage, and alert your packages prior to arrival.
View the status of your packages on the Warehouse Screen and access the individual shipment details.

To login to the system,  go to http://APG.cargotrack.net


Repack service

The Repack process consists of the consolidation of 2 or more packages for one customer within a small mother bag. The contents are not removed from their original box.

The Repack service represents important benefits:

  • One fixed administration fee – no matter the amount of packages. The more you order and consolidate, the more you save.
  • The weight per package is not rounded up, instead the actual weight of all inner packages will apply. Only the total repack weight is rounded up to the next lb.
  • Less handling is involved at destination with less pieces
  • The portability of packages that are picked up is easy as you will pick up one bag instead of multiple pieces.

In order to receive this repacking service you need to become an ‘Authorized Customer Repack List’.

For more information or to apply to become an ‘Authorized Customer Repack List’, please take contact with epost@postaruba.com and customerservice@postaruba.com

If you are not an ‘Authorized Customer Repack List’ you can contact us to inform when you want specific packages to be consolidated.

Restricted items

APG is Hazmat certified and as such can ship hazardous or dangerous goods. Not all commodities are allowed to ship by AIR, but as long as the airline accepts the specific hazmat commodity, we can ship it.

It is important to note that there are additional costs involved to ship hazardous shipments.

For details about this extra service, please contact us.

Some common commodities that are classified as hazardous are:

  • Flammable items: perfume, body splashes with alcohol, fire lighters, matches, moth balls, fuel, mineral turpentine, kerosene, enamel paints, nail polish, most varnishes, some dry-cleaning fluids, some resin, alcohol, fuel and nail polish remover
  • Toxic: aerosols (hair spray, fly sprays, room fresheners, aerosol deodorants and some oven cleaners), some magnets, shock absorbers with compressed air, fireworks, flares, ammunition, Freon (for air conditioners), chlorine (for commercial swimming pools), ammonia and some pesticides
  • Oxidizers: Pool Chlorine, some home bleaches, some fertilizers
  • Corrosives: car and truck batteries, some industrial cleaners
  • Live animals and animal products.
  • Poisons: i.e. drugs and medicines except samples of poisons, toxics, drugs and medicines in prescription quantities when packed and transmitted in the prescribed manner.
  • Shock absorbers