Value Added Services

Post Aruba offers extra services to serve you better.

Registered Mail

These items, as the name says, will be registered in our system and get a tracking number to allow the customers to track and trace the location of their items. The addressees get a notification that informs them that a registered item is ready to be picked up, and they have to sign at the moment they receive it.

Destinations: local and international.

Cost: The cost of this service is Afl.5.00 on top the regular postal fee of the letter.


In this case the client can provide us with the preprinted labels or if required we can do the printing and then put them on the envelopes.

Cancellation Stamp

For postal administration the envelopes have to be cancelled with the stamp that identifies that the service has been paid. In this case we will cancel the envelopes before delivery.

Proof of Delivery

The client can supply a signature list to be signed by the addressee(s) upon delivery or we can make it for the client. With this the client will have proof of the delivery.

Data Management

Clients will have the possibility to provide us with a database to prepare their mailing. Respecting the confidentiality of the company, we will save this database and make changes in it when necessary and as indicated by the client for future mailing use.

Customers’ clearance

If the client has any items or promotional material coming from abroad, we can do the clearance and deliver at the clients’ door.


If you have something to deliver and don’t want to leave the comfort of your office/home, just call us and we will pick it up and deliver it for you.