About E-post

Since 2007, E-Post has been the preferred local company for internet delivery service on Aruba, which processes your items purchased from abroad. With more than ten years’ experience in the market, E-Post is committed to providing the service that both our existing members and potential new clients deserve.

Online shopping is continuously evolving and growing, which makes us take the necessary actions to enhance our service for the best interest of our clients.

On June 1, 2020, we strategically started a new partnership with APG International to bring new opportunities for growth, to improve the service level and provide additional benefits to our customers, such as consolidation options.

APG is an international freight forwarder based in Miami, which offers a wide array of fully automated services to include Air, Ocean, Mail, Domestic Inland Trucking, and Warehousing with service options that cover dry cargo, refrigerated cargo, hazardous materials and bonded and import clearance.

APG’s super hub is located in the heart of the Miami Cargo district, minutes away from the Miami International Airport and steamship lines. The secure facility is alarm-secured with CCTV 24-hour centralized monitoring. From Miami, APG services over 30 countries on a daily and weekly basis as well as global destinations on a regular basis.

APG is specialized in the e-commerce PO Box service which fulfills the processing and transport of small packages and internet purchases.

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