Mailing and oficial stamps

A suitable stamp is a crown to your message.

Post Aruba has stamps for official purposes and a collection of beautiful, colored stamps.

Mailing stamps

Commemorative – and Difinitive Stamps:

These stamps are used for mailing purposes.

The commemorative stamps are available at the counter for a period of 2 years as long as the stock lasts and the definitive stamps have no expiration date, however, these stamps are taken out of circulation only when new ones are issued.

Official stamps

Format stamp paper:

Format paper is sold at the price of AWG. 4,00 and AWG. 8,00.

These documents are for official purposes.

Doctor’s declaration form:

This form is sold at the price of AWG. 8,00.

This document is necessary to apply for or to renew your driver’s license.

Receipt stamps or Government stamps:

Receipt and government stamps are used on official documents, such as permits, receipts, contracts, etc.

The stamps are sold in the values of 0,10; 0,20; 0,25; 1,00; 2,00; 2,50; 4,00; 8,00; 16,00, 25,00, 50,00 etc.