New available stamps


Emission date: July 14, 2023

Face values; 90c, 130c, 220c, 320c

Designer: Miriam De L’isle

Sunsets in Aruba are legendary. Due to Aruba’s location in the Caribbean, closely to the equator, surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and with its white sand beaches, the sunset is one of its most stunning features. Many people fantasize about visiting Aruba, sitting on pristine white sands, and watching the Aruban sunset at the end of a day of adventures.

Aruba’s size (about 20 miles long and only 6 miles wide) makes it easy to catch a glorious sunrise or breathtaking sunset over the waters in one single day, almost every day. From one end of the island to the other, you can find plenty of places with incredible views of the sunset, that give you a sense of harmony with nature and brings your mind to a peaceful relaxation .

For this emission of stamps , the artist Mrs. Miriam de L’Isle transforms landscapes of Aruba during sunsets into color, form and glow, with geometric abstraction, based on the use of simple geometric forms placed in non illusionistic spaces.

90c: Light us the way

California Lighthouse is a historic landmark, located in the northwestern tip of Aruba, which dates back to 1915 and served as one of three lighthouses that oversaw shipping traffic into the island. There you’ll be able to take in an unforgettable view of the sun setting in over Aruba’s waters.

130c: Catch of the day

Fishing on Aruba is a very old tradition and nowadays still some families make their livelihood from fishing. Some go out at dawn, some go at noon, and some at dusk. At sunset time you find fishermen bringing in the fresh catch of the day, ready for the frying pan.

220c: Breakfast at sunset time

Cacti are one of the eye catchers of the Aruban landscape and add a beautiful visage to Aruba’s sunset.

The flowers and fruits of the cactus serves as a source of food for human, mammals, insects and birds. Especially for bats who awakens at dusk to search for their food.

320c: Tradition meets nature at dawn

Characteristics of old Aruba: Traditional Aruban houses which architecture dates back to more than 150 years ago, fishery which was one of the main sources of income of Arubans and the Watapana Tree, Aruba’s natural compass, always pointing in a southwestern direction due to the north-east trade winds. These all form a picturesque addition to any sunset postal.

This stamp series is available at all post offices from July 14th, 2023 namely in Oranjestad and San Nicolas and via Post Aruba’s stamp shop 

Make sure you have this stamp series in your collection, because the stock is limited.

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