New available stamps

Greetings stamps

Greetings stamps

Designed by: Nigel Matthew

Face values: 85c, 90c, 100c, 130c, 220c and 650c


85c – Happy Birthday
A birthday cake with candles is a traditional way to celebrate a birthday, accompanied by birthday songs. The lighted candles are blown out by the birthday boy/ girl, while he/she makes a wish.
Then the cake will be cut and distributed among the guests.

90c – Get well
A traditional way of wishing an ill person a speedy recovery is to send them besides flowers, also a basket of fruits.
The image of the apple is based and inspired by the slogan: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The apple used as a symbol of healthy nourishment.

100c – Valentine
Valentine’s Day celebrated on the 14th of February is a unique occasion to show appreciation to someone you care for, often expressed with gifts such as valentine cards, roses, cuddly toy bears, boxes of chocolate in the shape of a heart, etc. The heart being the symbol of love.

130c – Condolences
We often choose to express feelings of sympathy by means of giving; one single flower, a bouquet of flowers, or a wreath of flowers.
The orchid is a beautiful flower which symbolizes peace, serenity and tranquillity.

220c – Thank you
Showing gratitude and appreciation not only to be expressed with a handshake but also by sending a bouquet of flowers with a card or label attached saying “thank you”.

650c – Congratulations
We often celebrate special occasions in our lives, such as the birth of a newborn baby, a graduation, a championship, a promotion etc.
Popping a bottle of champagne is one of the most common ways to celebrate such an occasion.


These stamps are available at all the Post Office locations, namely in Oranjestad, San Nicolas and Sta. Cruz.

Make sure that you have this set in your collection as the stock is limited.