Consolidation service

Consolidation service

The consolidation process consists of the consolidation of 2 or more packages for one customer within a small mother bag. The contents are not removed from their original box.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces the chargeable weight: The weight per package is not rounded up, instead the actual weight of all inner packages will apply. Only the total consolidation weight is rounded up to the next lb.
  • One fixed administration fee – no matter the amount of packages. The more you order and consolidate, the more you save.
  • The portability of packages that are picked up is easy as you will pick up one bag instead of multiple pieces.

The more packages you consolidate, the more you save.

Consolidation fee:

Awg.25 handling fee is charged, additionally to the freight, insurance, and import taxes.

Sign up to become a consolidation client:

  1. Send an e-mail to informing that you want to be on our “Authorized Customer Consolidation List”
  2. Once you sign up as a consolidation client, all your packages will be automatically consolidated. If there should be an exception this can be notified by email to

Consolidation Process:

  • Once one of your packages arrives at our Miami warehouse, you will receive an email notification from Post Aruba NV.
  • Scroll down the e-mail where you see 3 buttons, namely: INSTRUCTIONS, HOLD, and UPLOAD FILES. [The Instruction button is never used].

1st: Click on the UPLOAD FILES button to upload the invoice of the package.

2nd: Go back to your e-mail and click on HOLD (do not click any of the other buttons once the package is on hold, as it will override the command).

Do these steps as soon as you receive this email, otherwise the package will be shipped in the next flight.

  • You repeat this step for the rest of the packages arriving during that same week or the next. The packages can remain on hold for up to 2 weeks.
  • Once the last package has been received and put on HOLD, you must send an email to or you may send a message to our WhatsApp line at 5926080 giving instructions to release and consolidate the packages that you currently have on HOLD.
  • Instructions can be given from Monday until Thursday 12 noon. The consolidated goods will ship on the following Monday.
  • Note: Pieces that have a greater dimension than 28”x39.5” will be considered as loose piece (LP) and cannot be consolidated.