E-Post FAQ

  • Is there a membership fee?

No, we offer free membership to all our customers.

  • Can I track my package?

Yes, with our tracking system you will be able to see where your package is at. That is:

– When your package has arrived at your Miami address

– Processing at the Miami Warehouse

– In transit

– Arrived in Aruba

– Processing at Aruba – Ready for pick up/Out for delivery

  • How does the Consolidation service work?

Consolidation Service involves the consolidation of several small packages which are packaged into a small bag, all pertaining to and addressed to one consignee / customer. The repack service attracts a surcharge.

For more information or to apply to become an ‘Authorized Customer Consolidation List’, please take contact with epostservice@postaruba.com   


  • What is the HOLD feature in the system?

The system offers a HOLD feature which when selected will place your package on HOLD and it will remain on HOLD until the HOLD is removed.

When you would like your packages to ship, you must remove the packages from HOLD.

  • Can I authorize someone to collect my package on my behalf?

You can authorize a person to collect your package for you.

To do so download our authorization letter, complete it, and present it with a proper ID.

  • How do I pay for my packages?

When your package is ready, you will receive an e-mail with the invoice.

You can pay through the following methods:

– Swipe/cash at our offices or on delivery

– Pay with Fun Miles

– Bank Transfer

  • Are my packages insured?

Yes, E-Post will insure your packages up to US $200.00, with a cost of US $ 2.00 per package

  • Do you have a delivery service?

Yes, we offer FREE delivery to wherever you are.

WhatsApp us on 592-6080 to schedule your delivery.

  • Can my packages be stored?


  • At the US address:

Packages can be stored for up to 2 months free of charge. After 2 months have lapsed, a determination must be made on the package to ship, abandon and assume handling charges already incurred. As of the 2nd month storage fees will apply.

  • At Aruba:

E-Post will start charging a storage fee 2 weeks after the invoice was issued to the customer.

These fees are as follow:

  • After 2 weeks: Awg.10
  • After 3 weeks: Awg.20
  • After 4 weeks: Awg.40

  • Can my packages be picked up at another location in Miami?

Pick-up service at another location in Miami is available.

When this service is required, a request for quotation must be sent to E-Post.

Contact us via epostservice@postaruba.com to request a quote.

For more information feel free to contact us via:

E: epostservice@postaruba.com
T: (+ 297) 528- 7678
T: (+ 297) 528-7635
T: (+ 297) 528-7637